about aadx


The Australian Agricultural Data Exchange (AADX) was designed by the agricultural industry to enable data from disparate sources to be shared, discovered, merged, and re-used in a secure cloud environment.

The AADX assists in facilitating the transfer of production and value chain data via a data marketplace. It adopts existing industry standards as a baseline, enabling users to: 

  • Create their own private data exchange 
  • Publish their datasets to the public data catalogue 
  • Collaborate with data providers, consumers and technology partners to design build and run new data services 
  • Integrate with existing commercially available agtech applications. 
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This can unlock benefits throughout the value chain including: 

  • Enhance food safety 
  • Assist in monitoring biosecurity 
  • Enable traceability and provenance 
  • Assist in yield forecasting 
  • Grant preferential market access 
  • Credential producers 
  • Guarantee compliance 
  • Secure new market access 

The AADX core platform provider is Victorian company, Eratos, with Food Agility CRC the delivery partner.