Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking the value of data will be critical in reaching Australian agriculture’s goal of $100 billion in farm gate output. Vast amounts of data are generated throughout agricultural supply chains, but siloed and proprietary systems can make it difficult to access and share data – creating inefficiencies and lost opportunities. Meanwhile, primary producers and other stakeholders need to be able exchange data efficiently, on agreed terms with trusted providers. 

The AADX aims to solve this by enabling permissions-based data sharing from disparate systems in a secure environment that can be integrated with existing agritech applications.

If you’re an agricultural producer with data, then using the AADX can help: 

  • increase and protect the value of your products  
  • establish you as a ‘trusted’ producer  
  • identify you as a ‘de-risked’ operator.

Using the AADX can help companies that offer data services by: 

  • encouraging existing clients to use more services  
  • attracting new clients through identifiable ‘benefits’  
  • actioning this with no interruption to normal business.

The AADX can help regulators by ensuring your department is proactive to opportunities and challenges, such as new market access and biosecurity developments. 

Industry organisations can use the AADX to reduce the transactional burden for producers seeking greater opportunities.

Foundation partners of the AADX are Charles Sturt University, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Meat and Livestock Australia, CSIRO, Australian Wool Innovation. 

The AADX service provider is Victorian company, Eratos.

Food Agility CRC was appointed the delivery partner in 2023

In August 2020, an initiative called the Australian AgriFood Data Exchange (AAFDX) was launched outlining a proposal for an Australian agricultural data exchange to be overseen by the agrifood industry. The AAFDX has since been renamed the Australian Agricultural Data Exchange (AADX) to better reflect the entire agricultural industry. Food Agility CRC was appointed in late 2023 as the new delivery partner, with Eratos selected as the core platform provider.

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